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victus_confusio's Journal

Victus Confusio
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This community is in progress

Under-going construction

This community is NOT strictly for Anorexics or Bulimics.
"Victus Confusio" stands for Food Disorder.
All eating disorders deal with food [whether or not its considered edible]. This is where you can rant about binging, purging, starving, family, doctors, friends, society and so on. This is where you can look for support.

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Image hosting by PhotobucketMake sure that you fit the criteria for the eating disorder you have. If you do not, and I see that you don't, I will tell you.

Image hosting by PhotobucketThere will be no-one under 15 in this community. If you are 14 and apply because your birthday is next month, you will not be accepted as a member. If you apply at 15 but you are younger, and I find out, YOU WILL BE BANNED!

Image hosting by PhotobucketYour membership will be removed if you act stupid and/or immature. You may re-apply, but if it happens again, YOU WILL BE BANNED!

Image hosting by PhotobucketAll members will use the correct terminology for their disorders [ie: anorexia not 'ana', bulimia not 'mia']. There are many reasons for this, which I wont get into until there is a problem with it. It's not that hard to type 5 or 4 more letters, and doing it to hide your disorder from friends is just a lame excuse.

Image hosting by PhotobucketThere will be NO NAME CALLING [ie: wanna, fatty,] even if you are doing it to yourself.

Image hosting by PhotobucketAll entries must be 'friends'

Image hosting by PhotobucketPlease create a Subject for all entries. It's not hard, and can be anything you want.

Image hosting by PhotobucketIf you post a 'rant', pictures, or just a long entry, PLEASE put it under an lj-cut. If you dont know how, copy the below and post entry where the "::::"s are. Put the title of the cut where the "~~~"s are.

The "/" ends the cut

Image hosting by PhotobucketPromotions of other communities are allowed but only under a cut. If you promote here, please promote this community as well.

Image hosting by PhotobucketIf you post a "bashing" entry, it is not under a cut, or it has 'ana' or 'mia' in it I will delete it.

Image hosting by PhotobucketYou will not become a member until you post, and I approve, your application.

Image hosting by PhotobucketBy becoming applying and becoming a member you are saying that you accept these rules AND understand them. So, there should be no confusion if you are removed from this community and/or banned.

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First Join

Then Copy the application, paste it here , and fill it out.

I ask for promo link, so you might want to do that before you apply.

After you are accepted, please make an introduction post. Here are some options of what you can put in it:

Highest Weight
Lowest Weight
Current Weight
Goal Weights
Favorite Celebrity
Favorite Movie

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If you have any problems, you can leave me a comment: brianalayn

If its something important, you really need to talk to someone, or you're pissed off at me, here is my AIM screen-name: brischeez

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